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5 Top Tips for Creating a Memorable Business Card

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Did you know that around 88% of business cards handed out are thrown away within a week! This means that creating a memorable business card is vital for your business. Here are our tips for creating a business card that will stand out.

1. Choose a quality material

Whilst this may be slightly more expensive, selecting a different material for your business card can help make it stand out against the crowds of standard cards. Why not take a look at our 450gsm Soft Touch Matt Laminate business cards? These have a smooth matt finish making them soft to the touch, so your client won't forget it in a hurry!

2. Use colour for the background

Studies show that potential clients are 10 times more likely to keep hold of your business card if it is coloured rather than with a plain white background. Colour is a great tool to catch a customer's eye, so make sure the colours used on your business card are the same as the colours used throughout your business. This will help them associate that colour with your business and keep you in the back of their mind!

3. Keep the design simple but eye-catching

Whilst you may want to shout about everything that your business can offer to your client, in this scenario less is more. If your business card is cluttered and has too much information on, your client is less likely to remember your company. Having a simple design with only the essential information is the best way to remain on top. Another interesting statistic is that around 63% of people throw business cards away because they don't need the service right now. Having an eye-catching design is a surefire way to encourage your client to hang on to your business card.

4. Try a different size or shape

Having a different sized or shaped business card is a fantastic way to make your business card stand out from the others. Why not take a look at our Mini Cards - these are smaller than business cards and can also be used as gift tags! You could also try a different shaped business card, maybe one with rounded corners or even a square business card.

5. Don't forget the back of the card!

Most people will automatically turn over a business card to see what is on the back. Utilise this additional space by adding your logo or eye-catching image to help your customer keep you in the back of their mind! You could even take it one step further by adding a QR code which links to your website or portfolio.

Need help with a design?

We can help you to create the perfect design for your business card. You can get in touch for a custom quote or you can browse our range of industry designs HERE

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